Can We Better Understand Romans 8-16?

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Romans is a theological masterpiece — and even that is quite the understatement. When I think of thorough exposition of Romans, I think of Tim Keller.Timothy Keller is a best-selling author and Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. The growing body of believers that he oversees in New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian is very much familiar with his candid, well-researched approach to the Bible. Personally, I have wondered if he wrestles with each and every word in his sermons — wondering which word to choose in order to get the most precise message across to his listeners. Whether or not he puts so much weight on each word of his messages, His writings are excellent — And Romans 8-16 For You does not disappoint.

I have always believed that at the heart of Romans 8 you have the secret to really using the gospel in your heart to change yourself in a profound way. Tim Keller.

Join Dr Timothy Keller as he opens up the second half of the book of Romans, beginning n chapter 8, helping you to get to grips with its meaning and showing how it transforms our hearts and lives today. Combining a close attention to the detail of the text with Timothy Keller’s trademark gift for clear explanation and compelling insights, this resource will both engage your mind and stir your heart.

Written for people of every age and stage, from new believers to pastors and teachers, this flexible resource is for you to:

  • READ: As a guide to this wonderful letter, helping you appreciate the great gift of righteousness with God.
  • FEED: As a daily devotional to help you grow in Christ as you read and meditate on this portion of God’s word.
  • LEAD: As notes to aid you in explaining, illustrating and applying Romans 8–16 as you preach or lead a Bible study.

Whoever you are, and however you use it, this is… Romans 8–16 For You

Romans 8–16 for You is designed to work alongside In View of God’s Mercy, Timothy Keller’s Bible study resource for small groups and individuals.

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