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We literally can’t journey through life without having them. From the moment of our birth we are launched into a relationship with our parents. We grow up forming relationships with our siblings and friends at school. We have work relationships with direct reports and supervisors. Yet, one of the most important relationships we can form is the relationship with our spouse.

Donald Miller has always written using the medium of memoir. Each of his books takes the reader with him through a period of his life. In these periods Don wrestles with various conflicts and inner conundrums that we can’t help feeling close to. He writes so openly and honestly that as we read Don’s story we see a bit of our own. Scary Close is a new chapter for Don, it’s the chapter in which he’s learning to truly love his fiancé, now wife, Betsy – and in the process learning to love himself. It’s a journey into true intimacy and honesty. It’s from the depths of this journey that Don irrigates the untilled soil in all of our relationships and calls us to dig deeper.

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Scary Close is literally s the most raw, authentic, beautiful, & challenging book on intimacy & relationship I’ve ever read. I felt like I needed to try and get in touch with Don after reading it so I could thank him for helping me unearth the dry spots in my relationships and in my soul. So I did want any other self-respecting hipster/blogger/creative would do and tweeted at him. I hope he find the sincerity in my 140 characters that I have felt through his writing. Scary Close really did force me to take a long hard scary close look at myself and the relationships in my life. It helped me realize that I am “good at relationships” and that I can get indeed get even better.

Get it. Read it. Live it.

About the Author

Donald Miller is the author of several books, including the bestsellers Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. He helps people live a better story at and helps leaders grow their businesses at He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Betsy, and their chocolate lab, Lucy.

Publisher’s Book Description

New York Times bestselling memoirist Donald Miller takes readers on his yearlong journey to learn to abandon performance-based relationships and find real intimacy.

When fling after fling led to a rich fantasy life, lots of drama, and a long series of heartaches, Donald Miller decided he’d had enough. There must be a better way to soothe loneliness without jumping on a roller coaster, to feel affirmation without putting on a show, to find true love. It wasn’t just about finding the right girl, though that helped. Once he found her, he had to know what to do-or who to be. A manipulative control freak? A successful workaholic? His usual methods had drawbacks. But the alternatives were not just hard to do; they were hard to imagine.

From the author of Blue Like Jazz comes a story about finding the keys to a healthy relationship and discovering they are also the keys to a healthy family, a healthy career, and a healthy mind. And it all feels like a conversation with the best kind of friend: smart, funny, true, important. Scary Close is Donald Miller at his best.

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