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One of my core life values is that of Biblical Authority. I believe that the Bible is God’s ultimate standard and that it is without flaw. I base much of how I live my life off of the teachings I find within the Scriptures. I teach an Old and New Testament Survey course for the NewPointe Institute, and help students understand the value of how digging deeper into the Biblical text helps us to gain a clearer picture/view of God.

91XhJQ33+EL._SL1500_I’m always excited to read through new tools and translations when it comes to Bible Study. I switch up translations, that I use in my own personal study, about every year. Some translations I keep coming back to, the New Century Version and English Standard Version are both translations that I enjoy. The chance to read through this new NIV First-Century Study Bible, edited by Kent Dobson, was quite a treat.

The NIV First-Century Study Bible is a excellent study Bible. The goal of this particular version is to allow the reader a first person perspective in the form of a “Jewish and Early Christian context”. The study notes, introductions, and footnotes all direct the reader to think through the eyes, not of a modern western American, but rather an Eastern First-Century Jew.

The Bible is beautifully illustrated with full color commentary, and images. The editor has taken great lengths to make sure that this Bible is not simply a resource, but an experience. It’s an excellent tool to help further develop your view of God through a Jewish/Early Christian context.

Official NIV First Century Study-Bible Description

“The NIV First-Century Study Bible was created to help you understand God’s Word in its original cultural context. It introduces you to an ancient world vastly different from your own, but rich in valuable life lessons. This Bible is designed with great tools to help answer your questions about life in Bible times. As you dive in, you’ll see how the ancient past holds applicable truths for life today.

The NIV First-Century Study Bible includes fascinating articles from Pastor Kent Dobson, unpacking the culture of Bible times, illuminating Scripture passages, and asking thoughtful questions along the way. Kent is the teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, where he initially served as the worship director. He has been featured on Biblical programs for the History Channel and the Discovery Channel. Kent fell in love with Biblical studies in Israel and had the privilege of learning from both Jewish and Christian scholars. After his time in Israel, he returned to the States to teach high school religion and Bible before responding to God’s call to the pastorate. Today, he keeps his connection to the Holy Land strong, leading tours to Israel that combine study and prayer, inspired by the ancient discipline of spiritual pilgrimage.

This edition includes unique features to help shed light on the historical context of the Scriptures:

Complete NIV Bible text • Day In the Life Articles, describing daily life in Bible times • Word Studies expound upon original Hebrew words • “Addressing the Text” articles help you dive deeper • Study notes include writings from early church writers, rabbis, and extra-biblical sources • Full Color photographs, maps, and diagrams • Book introductions and outlines. The First Century Study Bible helps you explore Scripture in its Jewish and Early Christian context. Order yours today.

This Bible offers supplemental information on the following topics: Abomination that Causes Desolation, Antiochus IV Epiphanies, Conversion, Covenant, Dead Sea Scrolls, Essenes, Desert Law, Diviners in the Ancient World, Intertestamental Times, The Ethics of War, The Shema, Life in the Diaspora, The Greek Lions, The Biblical View on Slavery, Did Moses write the Torah, The Spirit of YHWH, Zealots, Wine Making”

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