What We Believe And Why We Believe It

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Whether we believe in God or not we all have a system of values we live by. We all hold to a core set of beliefs and with those beliefs come questions. We believe what we believe for a reason. We have proofs and understandings, historical accounts, and archeological evidence that help us form our beliefs. Yet all of our beliefs begin with some questions that we are searching out answers for: Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? How should we live? Apologetics is the exploration of these questions and their subsequent beliefs. How we answer these questions shapes our categorized worldview.

Smooth Stones is an exploration into the theology of apologetics. It takes the time to dig into these four questions of origin and purpose and presents arguments for a biblical worldview. Smooth Stones also looks at these questions from an atheistic and agnostic view point so as to give a broad view. It presents an excellent introduction into the world of apologetics.



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