You Got #JesusSwagger?

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Jarrid Wilson is a great writer. He’s been writing on his own personal blog for some time and is a constant force of hope, challenge, and encouragement in the realm of social media. He’s twitter account is one I’ve followed for some time now. There are few posts that really make me stop and re-examine life in the moment like his. He knows his audience and how to grab their attention to rethink a simple concept in light of an eternal reality and heavenly kingdom.

Jesus Swagger is a clear example of this. Jarrid has take a word that will draw attention from his audience “swagger”, coined by Snoop Dogg, and paired it with something sacred “Jesus” to cause everyone to stop and wonder, “What is Jesus Swagger?”

Swagger in the book refers to : a person’s style – the way they walk and talk and dress. Swagger is something we want to be known as. It’s how we present ourselves to the world. Jarrid takes this concept and examines it in light of what it means to pursue holiness and follow Jesus. How should following Jesus effect the way that we present ourselves to the world?

Jarrid raises some convicting and challenging thoughts while keeping everything at a level that is applicable. His writing is conversational and draws you in. Jesus Swagger is a must read.570x350-blog-image

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