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I became acquainted with Shauna Niequist as she began her work on the RELEVANT Podcast not long ago. I was instantly grabbed by her quick wit and humor, but more than that her kind heartedness and a seemingly overflowing desire to be present with her family and friends. She made space for the things she needed to make space for.

I met Shauna again through the Storyline: Creating Your Life Plan curriculum with Donald Miller. There she was again, trying to focus in on the things that were most important to her. I realized quickly that I could learn a thing or two about balance and choosing to say “no” and “yes” to the correct things in my life to make the most impact possible. To savor every moment.

Shauna also posts consistently beautiful photos of her cooking on her Instagram feed. Just following a day through her photo stream makes me think I’ve never eaten real food before! Shauna’s love for food stems from her love for community and the idea of breaking bread together. In her newest book Savor, Shauna combines content from all three of of her pervious books into beautiful daily devotionals that leave the reader with a challenge to be present in every moment with every person. She gives the reader permission to be. Savor is a beautiful edition to your library and your life.

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Shauna Niequist is the author of Bread & Wine, Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet. Shauna grew up in Barrington, Illinois, and then studied English and French literature at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. As an author and blogger, Shauna writes about the beautiful and broken moments of everyday life – friendship, family, faith, food, marriage, love, babies, books, celebration, heartache, and all the other things that shape us, delight us, and reveal to us the heart of God. Shauna is married to Aaron, who is a pianist and songwriter. Aaron is a worship leader at Willow Creek and is recording a project called A New Liturgy. Aaron and Shauna live outside Chicago with their sons, Henry and Mac.

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