1 Part Coffee, 2 Parts Jesus

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coffeewithjesusI enjoy coffee.

And I am fairly fond of Jesus. The combination of the two makes for a great time. I like to talk to Jesus when I am drinking my coffee, so what could be better than a comic entitled Coffee With Jesus?

Before I received the book, I occasionally came across one of the comic shorts on a web forum every once and while. Here though, there are multiple pages of shorts and plenty of laughs. I started the collection one evening and found myself having to contain my excitement as I was beginning to annoy my wife, as I wanted to read her one of the strips.

I enjoyed how there are introductions to the different sections of the book to provide some background on the characters of the comic. More than once I found myself in the shoes of each of the different characters. I do not know that I identify with one more than any of the others, but I do know that I can see myself in all of them. There are parts where I feel that my own sin is being represented in the lives of the characters.

This book is perfect for someone who is not afraid to laugh and tackle the inconsistencies within their own walk with Christ. It is not for someone that is very uptight and without a sense of humor. You may not find every comic funny, but you will find something in there for you. What is more important is it will leave you pondering how you have behaved in your own life and how Jesus must feel about some of our thoughts and actions.

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