First 24 Hours With the Apple Watch

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So, I was one of those crazies who set an alarm for 2:50 AM (EST) so that I could order the Apple Watch on April 10th. I rolled out of bed and pre-ordered Apple’s new tech at 3:02 AM — as soon as they opened the digital gates for buyers. The time it took to get here honestly flew by because it has been a couple of busy weeks for me. I have been on the other end of the spectrum though, having to wait months for my preorder to land at my doorstep.

On to the point of this post — I got the watch and have used it for one day. What do I think about it and, what most folks are wondering, is the Apple Watch worth buying?

Apple Watch Brave DailyApple didn’t disappoint. Well, they didn’t disappoint with the way that it was packaged. They followed suit with their previous products as they coddled this luxury tech toy in a plastic case that screams of their attention to detail. I pulled the Apple Sport (42mm) from its safe cocoon and locked it onto my wrist before firing it up for the first time. It immediately asked me to set it up from my iPhone and it was within 15 minutes that the watch knew all about me thanks to my phone’s history. The Apple Watch knew my contacts, my health information, my sleep, my popular payment methods (including my Starbucks card, thank goodness), and more.

The first test was a few text messages back and forth, including voice dictation. No offense to the old Siri (in case she’s listening…), but the way that the Apple Watch deciphered what I barked her way was spot on. I have used Siri to search the web, to text friends and to play music — haven’t had an errors yet.

The next test was a phone call using the Apple Watch’s speaker and microphone. It was great and my brother didn’t even know that he was on speaker phone or chatting via the Apple Watch. He said it came through crisp and clear, nothing out of the ordinary.

Now to the real test — I’m a runner and have been for years. I wanted to test out the Activity app and see if I could close my first circle (I’m already addicted to closing my circles daily and it has only been one day). I did a 30 minute run and my watch let me know when I hit mile markers, my half way point and when I was bringing my 30 minute goal to a close. Once I closed out my first workout I was rewarded with a sweet star! There are tons of “Activity Achievements” to unlock. I unlocked my second achievement this morning after finishing 85 minutes of mountain biking (and I used my watch to control my music while out on the trail)!

In the first day, all from the Apple Watch, I have paid for Starbucks, made phone calls, surfed Instagram and Twitter, checked email, worked out, take pictures (from my phone), check out how the Cavaliers are doing, review my bank accounts, and more!

How’s my first 24 hours with the Apple Watch? I’m seeing this as a promising addition to my Apple accessories. Now what questions do you have about the watch? And have you got your hands on one or preordered it for yourself?

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