Do You Want To Be A Better Dad?

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I’m the dad of two beautiful daughters. Every day I interact with them, I’m more and more amazed at their beauty and wonder of the world. Their innocence is compelling and challenging. As a dad I have many insecurities.

better dad josh mcdowell 10 commitments for dadsThere’s a deep rooted fear that I’ll screw something up somehow and I’ll end up with both of them in counseling later on in life talking about how their dad messed them up for good. I know this is extreme, but being a dad is huge responsibility and I’ll take all the help I can get in being a better one.

Josh McDowell provides some great helps in his book 10 Commitments for Dads Josh McDowell. This short book gives 10 challenges or commitments for dad’ to make to help make an awesome impact on their kids. They begin with us focusing on our best. Our kids deserve nothing less than the very best we have to offer them.

I Will Do My Best To:

  1. Always Speak The Truth In Love
  2. Be Responsible To My Kids Rather Than For Them
  3. Be An Authentic Model
  4. Explain Who God Is And What He Is Like
  5. Instill A Love Of Self That Is Unselfish
  6. Impart God’s Way Of Forming Healthy Love Relationships
  7. Instruct On How To Know Right From Wrong
  8. Teach How To Honor God’s Design For Sex
  9. Present Why We Believe What We Believe
  10. Foster A Heart Of Gratitude

Truthfully these commitments reminded me of things that I need to remind myself of. It was a great way to go back to the basics of ethics and morality for myself and think through how I want to raise my daughters to see and interact with the world.

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