Dropbox Movie: Brian Ivie Interview

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Wait. You haven’t heard about the movie, Dropbox, yet? How can I put this nicely? Next time you have that evening off and you can sit down to watch a movie, why don’t you skip the 35 minutes of scanning Netflix before landing on a documentary that covers Russian prisons and watch the Dropbox movie. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked.

dropbox movieIt is no secret that the world is a broken place. Tighter than those bacon wrapped chestnuts, our culture is blanketed in thievery, sexual immorality, lying, division and more. Broken homes have even resulted in confused mothers, to the point in which children are literally left on the streets or in dumpsters. That is where this documentary enters the picture.

Brian Ivie, who wasn’t a believer before he started this video venture, set out to record the story of a pastor from Seoul, South Korea. As the story goes, Pastor Lee Jong-rak, like many others, was disgusted by the common practice of women leaving their newborns and children on the streets. Yet, unlike many others, he set out to try and do something about it. Like the title alludes to, boxes were set up all over the place for women to leave their children at.

At first, he didn’t know if it would take root. He didn’t think that he would return to the box and there actually be a child there. I mean, he hoped that there would be … but could you imagine your own thoughts as you opened the lid to check if there was a kid in there?

Well, there was. And then there were more … and more. Watch the trailer and this interview I got to do with the director of the Dropbox Movie movie and be sure to add it to your movie queue.

Official Trailer


Interview with Brian Ivie of the Dropbox Movie

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