The Complete 101 Collection by John Maxwell, A Review

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John Maxwell is known best for his books and conferences on leadership. For many years now he’s been a key voice in leadership and learning how to lead. Part of this voice came in the form of a series of small books in the “101 Series”.

John Maxwell Complete 101 CollectionMaxwell has repacked these small books into a much larger volume. While is not truly the complete the 101 series it is the most popular of his basics on leadership. The Complete 101 Collection is a great crash course and overarching reference on leadership for the anyone hoping to grow in their own leadership.

Jam-cram-packed with gold. This book is so simple, yet so helpful. It’s chuck-full of useful advice for those who not only want to be a better leader, but even just a more effective, more productive, better human being. This was my first exposure to Maxwell, and I can see why he’s such a popular authority on leadership.

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Now in one paperback volume, John C. Maxwells best-selling 101 series of briefcase-sized leadership books that have helped more than one million people become better leaders.

The Complete 101 Collection includes material that in true Maxwell style helps readers reach their potential at any stage in their career. It can be thought of as a crash course in leadership, a practical tool to sharpen the core fundamentals every professional needs.

Contents include a 101 on attitude, self-improvement, leadership, relationships, success, teamwork, equipping, and mentoring. Each 101 book is an introduction to a subject, not the “advanced course.” This concentrated collection of books helps readers on their way to significant growth in specific areas of their lives.

Product Information
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 624
Vendor: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: 2012

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