Is Collide App the Christian Dating Tinder?

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Meet Collide, the Christian Dating App

Revisited this review in November of 2021 and realized that Collide is no longer listed on any mobile app stores, so while this was an interesting idea it looks like your dating won’t have any luck this way!

Yep. You’ve got that right. Tinder for Christians is here. In fact, it is “The perfect app to find love for Christian singles.” Whether or not that is true … I’ll let you decide. Here’s the skinny on the Christian dating app, Collide.

Quick disclaimer: Because I didn’t feel 100% (or even 5%) okay with downloading, creating an account, and poking around on the app — because I’m happily married — I cannot give a first person account of how it works or how well it matches folks. This is simply means to raise awareness and hear from those who have tried it out! Please comment below if you have.

It’s time to find the one. Collide Christian Dating App is a free dating app that allows you to make deep, meaningful connections with other Christians in an intuitive and simple way.

Here’s how the Collide dating app it works:

  1. Swipe cards of the people around you each day
  2. Like (Swipe right) or Pass (Swipe left) on each card. Your swipes will be completely anonymous.
  3. If the other person likes you back, you’ll get to chat with them in a private chat room.

So, what are your thoughts?

Collide Testimonials:

“I have been saying for the last two years that someone need to make this app.”

“It’s a fun way to meet other Christian singles which has been harder to do on other apps.”

Collide Christian Dating App Tinder

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  • Feeling lonely? That might just be okay!
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