What Financial Desperation Revealed about God’s Abundance

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Broke — When faith, finances and desperation collide.

When I picked up Broke, I wondered if I was about to read a woman’s journey with financial instability and what she did to get out of it. I thought I might be reading a Dave Ramsey-ish account of a family’s journey through losing money and practical tips on how to avoid a situation like that.

I was excited to read this book. As a 25 year old beginning her third year of marriage, living in a pile of student loan debt, car payments and rent, I thought I could learn a thing or two from a book entitled “Broke.”

But what I found as I read each chapter, was a woman’s journey to become closer to God. Caryn remembers praying to God asking that she would feel his presence. That she would know Him more. That she would experience what it meant to live on His Daily Bread, his nourishment and provision alone.

She accounts that this was one of the worst and one of the best prayers she had every prayed. As her family began to experience financial problems, Caryn told God this was not what she had in mind. Her spiritual gift was giving after all. How could she use her gift if she had no extra money to give?

Through many “why me” prayers, and spiritual “aha” moments prompted by her kids and nature, Caryn begins to see that her “dumb” prayer was being answered and she was learning what the Bread of Life really meant.

Each chapter explains one spiritual revelation the author had through her financial situation making 10 revelations in all and a lifetime of lessons learned. Despite the struggle, she can now look back and realize what God was doing. He was drawing her close to Him, making her depend and trust, and letting her know He was never letting go.

Whether you’re dealing with financial stress, marital issues or health problems, Broke will challenge you and help you see that in our most desperate times, God shows himself to us and draws us in. We just have to be open to allowing Him to do it. The things of this world are fleeting, but our God is eternal.

Trade your “why me” prayers in and ask God to draw closer to you. For in our lowest moments, that’s where we find Him. For when we are weak we are made strong. When we are poor we are rich.

And even though it hurts and it’s uncomfortable – God never promised us an easy life. He just promised that he’d mend our broken hearts and give us the nourishment we need to make it through the day. That’s the Bread of Life. It’s not money, success, fame or fortune. It’s simple, strong, complex and everything we need.

Don’t be afraid to pray the “dumb” prayer – It could just turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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