Becoming a Woman of Influence

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Do you have a longing to make a difference? Do you have a dream or passion that you want to pursue, but you feel ill equipped to make it a reality? Are you wondering how God could use you as a leader and an influencer? Are you looking for your mission field?

It’s so hard to put yourself out there. It’s almost paralyzing to think about being a leader or an influencer when there are so many women out there doing so many great things. We end up comparing ourselves to each other, we end up convincing ourselves that we could never lead people, we end up drowning out the Holy Spirit with our own voice shouting insecurities and self-doubt. We fade into the background.

But what if God created all of us, each and every woman, to be a woman of influence? What if you don’t have to be Mother Teresa or Joyce Meyer to change someone’s life? Maybe all you have to do is acknowledge your desire to be used by God and a take a step to learn what that might look like.

That’s where Pam Farrel’s Woman of Influence comes in. In this book Pam takes us on a journey to discover what it takes to be a woman of influence.

You will learn about 10 different traits that a woman of influence embodies. You will hear from Pam herself about her own journey to become a leader. You will read about other women from various backgrounds with different interests who stepped into their role as an influencer. And you will have exercises to do at the end of each chapter to help you get closer to God and closer to becoming a woman of influence.

woman of influenceBy the end of this book, you will have lots of things highlighted, notes in the margins and you will discover that a woman of influence is

  • impassioned
  • an individual
  • intimate with God
  • idealistic
  • interdependent
  • able to take initiative
  • has integrity
  • intense
  • inquiring
  • infectious

Whether your passion is your family, your friends, your job or your church, there is a place for every woman to make a difference. In those list of traits we don’t see anything about a woman needing to be a talker, an author, a doctor, or singer. All we see is a woman who is willing to become all that God has created her to be. There is a place for everyone to make a difference – whether it’s on a stage or in the quiet of a coffee shop.

Women of all ages and experiences will welcome this book and find it encouraging, challenging and uplifting. And the great news is that you don’t have to read this book alone – It’s designed as a Bible study as well. Learn alongside your friends and keep each other accountable to each woman of influence trait.

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As the world continues to debate about gender equality and where or how women should lead in the church, the workplace or in politics, the one undeniable truth is that God chooses the unlikely to do the impossible.

Do not refuse to do something you can do.

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