Look At The Cross and Live It Out

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It is not uncommon to see people walking down the streets with a cross hanging round their neck or tattooed on their forearm. It seems as if the cross has become more of a cultural symbol of simply being a religious or good person than we allow it to reflect the horrific death sentence that it was throughout history. Rather than trying to change the way others perceive the cross, maybe we should change our perspective.

lookandliveLook and Live by Matt Papa is a book that has the potential to wreck you, if you will allow it. It will take your view of the cross and Christianity and point your eyes back where it belongs. Papa writes, “Many of us claim to have seen the cross, yet with our lives we are saying ‘Thanks, man.’ We have not truly seen the cross until we say with every fiber of our being, ‘Command me! I am yours.”

We have taken our eyes off the cross of Christ, but that is the one place where everything changed. Rather than living our lives without purpose, the cross shines a great light on the deepest places of our heart and allows us to live out the purpose God has placed inside of us. We can see the world through a new view when we keep our eyes focused on the cross.

Throughout the book we are taken on a journey as we read the journey Matt Papa has been on to shift his perspective and wrestle with the constant possibility of allowing our eyes to wander. He encourages us to view ourselves and our lives rooted in the glory of Christ and to make that known daily.

Get this book. Read this book. Live this book.

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