Summoned by Daniel Allen Jr, A Book Review

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We spend our lives searching for purpose. For those of us who have found it in a life focused on following Jesus we believe that we are called, or Summoned, into a life beyond ourselves. As we follow the example of Jesus we lead others toward Him through service and love.

summoned book coverIn following Christ we need authentic community and accountability. This the best way for us to live the lives we were called to. Summoned is a great tool kit for the journey. It helps in diving into how God has been at work in our lives, even in the moments when we may not see him.

There have been moments in my walk with Christ where I’ve lost my way. I’ve had moments in which I feel lost or unsure of what to do next. Summoned provides tools to help me remember who God is and the kind of life He has called me to.

Summoned Book Description

You have been summoned. Life is complicated, and sometimes we feel stuck or adrift. But God has been at work in your life, and he’s still working in you. God is calling men to a deeper life of faith, surrender and commitment.

You can learn to recognize where he’s leading you and what he’s calling you to become. Leadership coach Daniel Allen knows what it’s like to be summoned by God. He shares how he heard God’s wake-up call on his life and what it takes to find a life of fulfillment, passion and purpose. This honest guide gives practical, real-life advice for shaping a godly view of manhood, building character and growing in spiritual practices and leadership. From his own experience, Allen addresses common pitfalls that trip men up and shows how you can thrive in your faith, vocation and relationships. Including a four-session study guide for men, this book shows how God is shaping you into a leader, and that he is sending you out to serve others around you.

There’s more to this life. Step up and answer the call to deeper discipleship.

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