Pursuing Moral Faithfulness by Gary Tyra, A Review

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Moral faithfulness is a tough topic. What is right and wrong? In our every changing landscape of a world this questions is becoming more and more obscure and more and more necessary.

moral faithfulness bookAs a Christian, I hold the Bible as my ultimate authority. I believe that is the ultimate standard for living and it’s how I evaluate what I believe to be considered morally right and what I believe to be morally wrong.

My daughters will grow up in a different world than I have, just as I grew up in a different world than my parents. The landscape of what was acceptable vs what is now acceptable has shifted and changed. This is why this question must be asked, “How do we pursue moral faithfulness to Christ and His teachings in a world where morality is constantly changing?”

There is much to be thought on here. For example: My mother considers tattoos to be immoral. She loves Jesus and follows him the best she knows how. I on the other hand have examined the scriptures and believe that tattoos are no long associated with the same practices mentioned in scripture in terms of pagan worship of the dead. I have 5 of them.

Tattoos are one example of many things that were once considered secular, or of the world, and not to be associated with for those who held a strong conviction toward Christian discipleship.

So what do we do? Do we need to sit down and draw hard lines in the sand? Do we force a black and white legalism with strict judgement? Do we ignore everything and let the chips fall as they may? This the playing field in which Gary Tyra writes Pursuing Moral FaithfulnessHe believes that spiritual formation in a life of Christian discipleship is key. He looks to authentic community and finding moral absolutes that hold us together in Christ.

While Pursuing Moral Faithfulness, is a heavy read – it’s worth it. I won’t give his conclusions here. This is one to dive into for yourself.

Pursuing Moral Faithfulness Book Description

Christianity is in a state of moral crisis.

Even though people make moral decisions every day, many Christians lack both the ability to evaluate these decisions and a community of discipleship to help inspire a morally faithful life. Compared to the people around them, there is often no discernible difference in how Christians go about making moral choices.

As a biblical and practical theologian with three decades of pastoral experience, who has also spent years teaching ethics to undergraduates, Gary Tyra approaches the topic with the practical goal of facilitating moral formation and encouraging an “everyday” moral faithfulness. Tyra argues that Christians can have confidence in their Christ-centered, Spirit-enabled ability to discern and do the will of God in any moral situation. Moral faithfulness follows from a life of Christian discipleship.

In an age of moral apathy and theological confusion, Pursuing Moral Faithfulness is a breath of fresh air and a sign of hope for the future.

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