God Gave Us Sleep

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Sleep. We all need it and want more of it. Some of us have amazing sleep habits while others of us stay up way later than we planned and pay for it later. There are night owls and early risers. There are deep and light sleepers. We all interact with sleep differently.

I remember arguing with my mom about the need for sleep when I was a child. I always wanted to stay up late watching TV with my Dad or playing the Legend of Zelda. Sleep was something at distracted from my fun. This is a struggle all parents face. Even now with my oldest daughter, of almost 4 years old, every night is the same story. Thankfully there are unique and fun ways to teach children the importance of sleep.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.02.38 PMLisa Bergen and Laura Bryant have crafted a beautiful bed time story entitled God Gave Us Sleep. This book is one of many in the “God Gave Us…” series. The series starts a family of polar bears. In the stories it’s often that an older respected bear like a grandmother or grandfather bear teaches the young one something important about life while directing the attention toward gratitude for the things God has given us.

God Gave Us Sleep is no exception. It’s a fun read that centers around the idea that “God gave us rest so we have energy for our day and patience to enjoy it. And so we have quiet time to listen to Him.” What a remarkable truth to be able to teach to my children. I’m thankful for books like God Gave Us Sleep and the others in the series. This is a great addition to your bedtime library for any parent.

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