Future Of Evangelical Theology by Dr Amos Yong, A Review

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The world is changing. The church I have grown up in will be different than the one my daughters grow up in. There are new questions to be answered and asked. I’m thankful for men like Amos Yong. The Future of Evangelical Theology speaks a loud and clear voice to the church of the world.

Not shying away from any topic, Dr. Yong looks at the church and theology in light of gender, race, migration, economics, justice, and politics. The conclusions he comes to have significant bearing on the future.

evangelical theology futureThis is a difficult but needed read.

Get it. Read it. Apply it.

“In this book Amos Yong, surely one of the most prolific and imaginative theologians working today, dares the American church to consider Asian Americans and their storied journeys as critical for its future. The quality of his impressively informed argument requires we take his dare seriously, as it recounts how evangelical Christianity has become dispirited and how a quickening of Asian American ‘pent-evangelicalism,’ as this inspired book is wont to do, just may save it.”

—Jonathan Tran, Baylor University

The Future of Evangelical Theology Book Description

No longer does world Christianity converge in the Euro-American West―there has been a dramatic shift to the Global South, providing the occasion for a fresh consideration of the future of evangelical theology. Drawing on the day of Pentecost narrative, Amos Yong puts forward a bold proposal for a pentecostal-evangelical theology informed by the particular experiences and perspectives of Asian Americans. The outpouring of Christ’s Spirit upon all flesh means that the evangelical church has to attend to the multiplicity of voices and contexts that shape the global theological conversation. Evangelical theology, Yong argues, is necessarily contextual theology, though in a way that does not sacrifice the gospel’s universality. The Future of Evangelical Theology is a programmatic vision for theology that pays attention to the realities of gender, race, migration, economics, justice and politics. What emerges is a theology situated within a pentecostal Asian American context that bears on the future of the whole church.

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