#Unoffendable by @BrantHansen

by | Oct 11, 2015 | Book | 0 comments

unoffendableOur world is fragile. Our country specifically over the last couple of months has become increasingly offendable. Social media screams with posts ranging from race, gender equality, to religion, to which flag should fly or fall. We are all easily offended.

Have we ever stopped to ask why we get so easily offended? Or is it normal?

Some of us may even believe that our anger or offense can be classified as righteous. That because of our beliefs concerning morality and ethics we have the right to be angry?

What if we gave up the right to be angry? What if we replaced it with humility? What if we took the energy and focus we put into responding to our offense that only makes us weary into a true energy of hope and restoration. What if rather than baulking in disgust we responded in love? What if we chose to push beyond our fears and embrace faith?

These questions and more come to the surface in Brant Hansen’s UnoffendableIt’s a great journey and an easy read. Dig in and get ready to enjoy the ride.

Get it. Read it. Live it.

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