#H3Leadership by @BradLomenick: Book Review

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H3 Leadership

I read a lot. In this world of reviewing books, I see a lot of the same. A topic will come to the surface that gets sales moving so every author begins to write about it. This was true when we all decided to “go green” and figure out how “emergent or emerging” our churches were. Sometimes leadership trends or styles rise up for a bit. _240_360_Book.1676.coverOther times authors start writing a lot about hell or heaven, gay or straight, prosperity or poverty. Other times we get a cool memoir of someone who isn’t afraid to ask all the questions that we have ourselves but would never admit we harbor. So needless to say I’ve read a lot of the same. It’s not often something comes across my book list that forces me to slow down and take notice. I’m thankful to say that H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick is a breath of fresh air in terms of leadership development and growth.

Brad keeps it simple yet challenging. He forces his readers into a place where they have to wrestle with this content. There’s something for everyone here unless you’re brain dead. I mean that. H3 Leadership is the best leadership book I’ve read all year… maybe in the last 3 years. Get it. Read it. Live it.

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