Youth Ministry in the 21st Century

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youth-ministry-21st-century-viewsI’m a product of youth ministry. I had a youth pastor growing up who was and still is an incredible influence in my life. He’s the reason I decided to pursue a degree in religion and ultimately go into full time ministry. My ministry journey began with students. I started out leading worship at Thomas Road Baptist Church for student ministries. We were always examining and evaluating our models. We were trying to figure out the best ways to attract students to an environment, empower them to share their faith, and grow in their relationship with Christ. It was and is exhausting.

Youth Ministry Today

Student ministry changes constantly because the culture surrounding students changes constantly. It is possible the most fluid cultural phenomenon. Everything is marketed toward teens. It’s where the biggest market is. So likes and dislikes shift like desert sands.

Youth Ministry In The 21st Century offers five different views on how Youth Ministry can be done within the local church. I don’t believe one model is better than another. Models should be dictated by the culture that exists around a communities students. If what works in Atlanta, Georgia doesn’t work in San Fransisco, California, or Cambridge, Ohio we shouldn’t be surprised. The views offered here are well thought out and deeply articulated. My only criticism of this book is that it comes across uniquely academic. It’s a slow march through a swamp to get to the desired destination.

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