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I’m not a worship pastor. I’m not even a pastor, vocationally. But do I understand the hundreds and hundreds of things that are being juggled at a church gathering, beginning days leading up to it (no matter how large or small your congregation). That’s probably why I’ve always been a fan of Proclaim Church Presentation Software. In a world that is run by visuals, it is important for church leaders to provide their congregants a compelling message — not just by what is being said also also in how things are being said. Visual learning isn’t a growing industry just for the heck of it, there is a very serious need. Allow me to introduce you to a platform that can help refine, revamp and simplify your message — Meet Proclaim Church Presentation Software.

You can learn all about it in much more detail, but for now I’ll just highlight a few of the most amazing (ahem, most practical) features that I discovered while toying around with it.

Sermon Recorder

Proclaim Church Presentation Software seeks to do so much more than just make you look fancy from the front on a Sunday morning. The Faithlife community understands that your church message has to carry out not only to your listener’s notes and to community groups, but also to podcasts and videos hosted both near and far. I think that is why they’ve made it even more convenient for pastors church media managers to grab the audio from a sermon. And I mean really convenient. As in, it automatically starts recording based on how you’ve mapped out your morning service. With this integrated approach, you and your team will have one less thing to think about when delivering your message. Here’s a short video that summarizes this feature and shows how simple it is to roll out. Enjoy!

If you’re sick of running QuickTime or some other additional app to capture your audio, and you think that you could value the ability to annotate and cue up specific portions of your messages, than you are already beginning to see the value in this software platform. Rather than managing multiple software programs, on multiple electronic devices, by multiple people … you can have your entire sermon presentation, recording and sharing all integrated into one easy-to-use platform.

Help Publishing and Sharing Your Sermons

Everything is covered — From making sure that your series, titles and descriptions are correct to embedding them in a socially shareable fashion on your website. Want a solution to add emailing your message into the mix? They’ve got your back. I’ve been on teams that wrestle with making sure that file hosting is organized, that everything is stored correctly (.mpg, .wav, … .wtf), all sorts of other issues that result in hair being pulled out. Now, thanks to services like SoundFaith, hosting is included and all of those small detailed decisions are tossed out the window. Want to sync up with iTunes and share your sermons as Podcasts? You can also quickly and easily set up a podcast feed.

Media and Collaboration

Another huge perk is that Proclaim Church Presentation Software plays nice with others. SongSelect, Planning Center, Graceway Media and Logos Bible Software are all just a click away. Sharing media and content from one to the other is a snap. Practically speaking, your SongSelect music inventory is at arms reach and can be used alongside of your massive Logos Bible Software resource (especially Visual Copy).

And if you’re like a lot of other churches, you’re passing files around between Email, Dropbox, Google Docs, … and the list goes on. Because Proclaim Church Presentation Software is cloud based and all backed up online, your media is hosted and stored elsewhere for easy collaboration. Stop bouncing text messages around to find out who is doing what when — share files and songs in a snap with Proclaim Church Presentation Software.

And when we mean working together is easy, we mean it. Watch this video to learn more:

Speaking of media, it doesn’t hurt things that the Proclaim Blog has a monthly freebie! You’ll often catch them handing out free music, free images, and all sorts of free stuff!

Why NOT get Proclaim Church Presentation Software?

So, what’s wrong with Proclaim Church Presentation Software? Well, like all software, it can be a little slower than you’d like sometimes. And it might not have everything that you need (but, they are constantly updating it and all of your data is stored in the cloud … so you can rest assured that they’re constantly pushing to get you anything and everything that you possibly could need)!

All that said, I’d encourage you to check it out now. As of the writing of this post, you can try Proclaim completely FREE for 30 Days. If you aren’t the person that I put this post together this evening, maybe you know the person at your church who is — and you can make sure that they are in the know about the latest in church presentation software.

Get a hands on look at the software at the YouTube Channel for Proclaim Church Presentation Software. Questions or comments? Comment below.

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