Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt, A Review

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Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt is and exhibition in discipleship. Jeff is really just sharing the story of his church family, SOMA, yet it seems like Jeff is really telling the story of Jesus. That’s beauty in it all. Jeff’s story so heavily screams of Jesus they are inseparable. We’ve unfortunately all seen when the story of a church has little to do with Jesus.

Jeff’s story is refreshing. He was in a space where he felt burned out and empty and wondering if how he was doing church was the right way to do church, if it was even the right way to follow Jesus. This burning pursuit is translated to page in Saturate

Jeff calls his readers to focus on Jesus. To learn what it means to be a disciple of him in everyday life. To follow him and surrender to him in everything. Saturate is such a needed book in the cultural landscape of self-help and self-elevating Christianity. We are called to be slaves of all. Servants who pick up towels rather than megaphones and those who speak truth in love. Saturate can help us get to that place more quickly, mostly because it focuses so keenly on Jesus.

Saturate Book Description

What does it look like to live for Jesus in the everyday stuff of life?

Many Christians have unwittingly embraced the idea that “church” is a once-a-week event rather than a community of Spirit-empowered people; that “ministry” is what pastors do on Sundays rather than the 24/7 calling of all believers; and that “discipleship” is a program rather than the normal state of every follower of Jesus.

Drawing on his experience as a pastor and church planter, Jeff Vanderstelt wants us to see that there’s more—much more—to the Christian life than sitting in a pew once a week. God has called his people to something bigger: a view of the Christian life that encompasses the ordinary, the extraordinary, and everything in between.

Packed full of biblical teaching, compelling stories, and real-world advice, this book will remind you that Jesus is filling the world with his presence through the everyday lives of everyday people…

People just like you.

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