Glory Days

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glory-days-max-lucadoThere you are sitting at your computer or scrolling on your phone and you come across this link to read this blog post. Chances are you know me or know someone who knows me so you clicked the link. Maybe you don’t know me at all. We may have never met in person. Here’s what I know about you and I.

We are not living the lives Jesus promised us.

Read that again. We are not living the lives Jesus promised us. 

Would you say that the days you’re living in right now are you’re “Glory Days”? Are they the best days you ever imagined? Has following Jesus made your life better? Has following Jesus lived up to the hype?

Max Lucado addresses this tension in his new book Glory Days. He takes us through the book of Joshua as we follow the nation of Israel into the promised land, into their glory days.

As the Israelites looked toward the promised land, they needed to realize that God had given it to them already. God had blessed them with everything they needed. He had given them the promised land. It was theirs. They just needed to claim it. As followers of Christ we are given every spiritual blessing in Christ. This is not a “it will be given to you” or  “maybe it will be given to you” or an “if God feels like it, it will be given to you”. Every spiritual gift is GIVEN to us. We need only to trust God and claim it.

Yet we all fall into the same traps as the Israelites. We encounter problems. We have doubts. We face trials. We ignore God’s best for us. When we do these things we turn away from the glory days and settle for second best.

This read was challenging and encouraging. Max Lucado has a way with words that makes his content easy to read while deeply applicable. Glory Days is a great quick read to help shift our perspective on God’s best for our lives.

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