Christ + City

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Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.36.03 PMThere have been times and moments throughout my call in ministry where I’ve felt the desire to plant a church. A big part of planting a church begins with the location. Where are we going to invest? What community do feel draw to by the Holy Spirit? Would we be drawn to the country? To the suburbs? It might do us we’ll of return to scripture and examine where God began His church. This is what we find from Jon Dennis’ newest offering Christ + City. His heart and passion for the local church ooze throughout very word. Dennis believes that city is the center of what God is doing and will do through the local church. It’s hard to dispute. Jesus went to where people were. He focused on places and people that were known for being “sick” instead of “healthy”. Yet, it’s easier to go to where the healthy are. This however leaves us in close quarters with the religious leaders of Jesus day, the ones Jesus called “white washed tombs”.


Christ + City draws the church back to people. Not numbers, not models, people. It forces us to wrestle with our comforts and our calling. This book is necessary for the church to continue to make an impact into the future .

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