Naked Prayers by Mara Moser, A Review

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Naked Prayers is a book that we feel so many people can relate to…

naked prayers book

Naked prayers sure does invoke a particular feeling, doesn’t it? Everyone has a different way they connect with God the best. What we know to be true from scripture is that if we seek free God with all we are we will find Him. Sometimes the journey of seeking God can take us of places where  lose faith. Whether it’s from a lack of vision, or a lack of hearing the guiding voice we look for, the trail grows cold and we must change or perspectives and our practice in our pursuit.

Naked Prayers is a very intimate look into the journey of Mara Moser as she chases after God. We quite literally get personal prayers, songs, drawings, and scriptures that she walked with during her journey. It is modern psalm writing at its finest.

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“Mara Measor’s Naked Prayers reads like a modern Psalter. Faith. Triumph. Doubt. Confession. More doubt. Celebration. Like King David of Israel, Mara sheds the thin veneer of a plastic faith and vulnerably reveals the honest rhythm walking with the Creator. If you want cliched and Christianeze answers to life, then this book isn’t for you. But if you want an authentic and honest reflection on the valleys and mountaintops of the Christian journey, then you won’t be able to put this book down.”

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