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Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.36.18 PMThe church in our modern age has recently made a shift to focus on being relevant and seeker-sensitive. This has come out of a desire to point the most people possible to Jesus. The church has often been a place so so focused on itself that those seeking an encounter with God were met with a lot of confusion jargon and uncomfortable traditions.

I love the focus of helping to make it easy for those far from God to draw near to Him. The problem that I have sometimes seen is that the church has tried to be so relevant or non-threatening that it neglects the gospel. Opportunities to accept Jesus as savior and Lord are considered to “churchy” for a large group setting.

Let me be clear. We are the church. We exist for the world to know Jesus. We also exist to grow and follow and proclaim the truth of the gospel to a dying world. That is uncomfortable. The gospel is offensive, it points out the sin of man and the need for salvation. That is not an easy conviction to proclaim, but it is good news.

Without the proclamation of Jesus and the gospel the church is a gathering place where bad people can learn to be good people. The gospel is that Jesus came to make dead people come alive. We Speak is a remarkable tool that helps us learn how to implement the good news of the gospel while keeping the heart of the seeker sensitive movement where it needs to be, focusing on Jesus.

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