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You’re a Christian, now what?

God not only saved you from something, but for something. Pastor Eric Mason is passionate about helping Christians unleash the transformative power of God in their lives as they learn to be faithful disciples of Jesus. Being conformed to the image of Christ is a lifelong journey for every Christian.

Mason understands that spiritual transformation doesn’t occur overnight. Unleashed outlines the process of spiritual growth from the first moments of faith to the last. Readers discover their potential in Christ in an age that is so often marked by suffering, grief, and defeat.

Join countless others who are learning what it means to unleash God’s power in their lives.

From the first moment of our salvation through our ongoing sanctification to our ultimate glorification in Christ, UNLEASHED covers it all with challenge, beauty and poise. Pastor Eric Mason is a remarkably compelling author and reading his work forces you into a state of being where you are totally focused on the content.

And the content moves through you.

UNLEASHED is a must read for followers of Christ. It’s an adrenaline shot into personal discipleship and growth.

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