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Does a life of prayer really coincide with your mobile device? As social media increasingly becomes part of our daily lives, it is becoming increasingly easier to get your daily dose of spirituality through mobile devices, as you may have seen on this Huffington Post Live segment. Although it’s too early to say that social media transforms the way people practice religion there are new apps that are making it easier to connect with God then ever before. And since it’s holiday time, there’s no better time to connect with others in prayer. 

Here is a list of popular prayer apps: 

  •  InstantChrist – the first-ever, patent pending Christian and faith-based social media platform that revolutionizes the way Christians and people of faith find each other, pray together and both give and receive help, in real time, in a safe, positive digital environment. Unique features include the ability for a user to respond to a post with a video or audio message directly from their phone, special prayer groups, bible studies, local church announcements and a directory of Christian talent at the palm of their hands. A location finder of Christian churches, within a thirty-mile radius, assures that the user will never be without a church home, regardless of their denomination. Users on Instant Christ™ can reach out for help, request healing prayers, share updates in their lives, provide video testimonies and photos in real time without secular distractions.
  • Pray! – The Pray! app lets you set reminders to notify you of prayer requests. This is a go-to app to set reminders to pray for someone during their surgery, interview, or at any specific time of day. A small banner buzzes at the top of your screen reminding you to lift up others to the throne.
  • Prayer Prompter – If you are one to get distracted or lose focus while praying, Prayer Prompter is the application for you. It prompts topics to pray about (worship, adoration, for your spouse, for yourself, etc.). It gives you passage suggestions to read through and pray back to God. All the translations are in NKJV, but you can add your own (a passage that spoke to you, a specific prayer you want to be reminded of).
  • Instapray – This app requires you to create an account and gives you an opportunity to pray for people you follow, global requests, or group requests. When a request comes up, you can select “PRAY” to notify that person that you prayed. You can also send them a message of encouragement. The best feature of this app is the “GROUP” setting. You can create your own private group to share with your small group, church, or family and share prayers and updates instantly.
  • Ora – This is an app similar to Instapray in that you need to log-in to use it. It connects you with people in your contact list. Again, this app can be used to share prayer requests to individuals or private groups. In Ora, you need to be connected to someone via a request to see or share prayers. Instead of seeing a list of global prayer requests, you will only see requests of those people in your circles. Ora is an incredible tool to be used in a Bible study setting where you could upload prayer requests to be reminded throughout the week (even if you missed the meeting).
 Your thoughts on these? Would you use them? Comment below!
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