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Just over a year ago, I put to words why I use CoSchedule. At the time, I was looking for a simple editorial calendar platform that I could integrate with my WordPress website. Brave Daily is made up of a team of writers that we have to keep on the same page, and CoSchedule was the solution that best fit our team.

Since then, I have learned a lot about the WordPress Plugin and there have been a number of incredible updates. While I don’t think I’ve yet to tap into all of it’s capabilities, I continue to be impressed with what CoSchedule offers our team. Not only is it an editorial calendar that I can constantly refer back to but it also integrates nicely with the WordPress platform and allows our small team to create and schedule social media posts in seconds. I’ll show you what I mean.

WordPress CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

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Here is a screenshot that shows our present two weeks. There are some gaps, yes, but ignore that because you can learn a lot about CoSchedule from this view. The left sidebar allows you to filter down what you are looking at. Do you want to see only posts from a certain author (we have a variety, so this helps quite a bit)? Maybe you want to view only a particular category? And thanks to the ability to schedule social media posts, you may need to look at what is going live for Facebook or Twitter alone. That left sidebar helps to provide a clear view as you narrow in on exactly what you want to see.

The center portion of the calendar is just like you’d expect — this shows you by date what is going live for your blog and social media channels! With CoSchedule, you can drag and drop posts or social updates however you wish to get that perfect trickle of social posts and blog updates.

PRO TIP: You may notice an odd looking social profile icon above (it is tan with a white avatar in it). That is a Facebook Group! I have all of our writers in one Facebook Group so that we can easily communicate. CoSchedule allows you to post to your Facebook Group! I often encourage our writers to share a post from that group. This calendar allows you to quickly drop a note to your writers right from your WordPress platform! How cool is that?

On the far right, your calendar allows you to quickly create new posts! Maybe you have unscheduled content, WordPress posts set as drafts, ideas in your Evernote notebook, or any other ideas on your radar. Get those ideas out of your pocket and into your blog and social queue with help from this calendar. The following shot is both an inside look at my WordPress drafts and an example of how CoSchedule organizes your someday-maybe posts! Don’t lose ideas, use them.

brave daily wordpress editorial calendar coschedule

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That my friends, is a sneak peek into the world of Brave Daily and how we make use of CoSchedule’s WordPress Editorial Calendar. Now, what questions do you have? Learn more about CoSchedule:

And yes, that link is a CoSchedule referral link. You can help yourself while you help me! I really hope you check it out and enjoy the platform as much as I do.

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