Psalm 139: A Freshened Perspective

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The past nine months of my life have been bursting with change. I graduated from college, moved to a state in which I’ve never lived before, married the love of my life, started attending a new church, and began working full-time. My mind and my heart have been chaotic, spun around and stretched in every direction. With all sincerity, I have been beyond blessed by my God during this time, and He continues to shower me with His mercy each day. But it has been a hard and tumultuous time for my soul. Why?

My mind has been everywhere but on Him.

All of this newness is newness that I’ve never experienced before, and I’m learning how to walk with my Lord in it. I’m at the part of my journey where the circumstances I find myself in are both unfamiliar and ever-changing, and I’ve admittedly allowed it all to settle over my perspective like a haze. I’ve been quick to fear and be anxious, and slow to cling to Jesus and to His promises that are found in Scripture.

But then, I went back to a certain Psalm.

I read Psalm 139 again, and for the first time in a long time, it sunk so deeply into my heart that my mind understood it, and my soul was glad. The fog that settled over my life’s lens lifted to reveal a clear vision, and my heart rejoiced within me at the precious words of my Father. I was reminded that His Word is true, good, faithful, and unchanging, as is He. And I was relieved.

This Psalm has always been one that I turn to for peace and encouragement, a reminder of the sure hope that I have in the Lord. It’s truly been too long since I’ve read it with focus, and I can’t think of a better time to dig into it all over again, digesting as much of its goodness as possible.

This is what I want to share with you.

Over the course of some weeks, I’m going to do a deep study of this Psalm, and I want you to join me. My hope is that by focusing again on who the Lord is, this study will teach us, convict us, encourage us, push us, and grow us as children and servants of the King. I trust it will be a beautiful, humbling, uplifting endeavor as we set our faces on unwavering truth.

Whether you’re in a similar season of life right now or not, I invite you to seek the face of Jesus with me through this beautiful chapter in the Bible. It’s time for a freshened perspective. Let the growing begin.

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