Jesus Called He Wants His Church Back by Ray Johnston

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_240_360_Book.1875.coverIn Jesus Called, He Wants His Church Back, Ray Johnston presents a remarkable case in the American Church’s loss of focus on Jesus. He cites many cultural examples and brings the reader to a clear understanding of just how it ended up this way.

Johnston doesn’t just offer a synopsis of the downward spiral of the church, he offers a prescription of hope only found in Christ. Johnston calls us to focus back on Jesus.

When we place our focus back on Jesus and we allow our decisions to be made in light of how He calls us to live and what He calls us to value it changes everything.

Jesus Called is a thorough examination of the church in culture and how we should live in response to the teachings of Jesus.

Publisher’s Book Description

As early as AD 50, Christians had gotten away from knowing who Jesus really is. Our generation is no different.

In every decade we, as Americans, lost something important that we couldn’t afford to lose: • In the 1950s, we lost innocence • In the 1960s, we lost respect for authority • In the 1970s, we lost love • In the 1980s, we lost values • In the 1990s, we lost faith • In the 2000s, we lost security • In the 2010s, we lost hope in the future

What can restore what we’ve lost? Only Jesus. Jesus gave us His name, His friendship, and a commission to accept responsibility for ourselves and for the world. When introduced to His words and ways we’ll rediscover the Jesus who:

• Wants His enemies won over, not wiped out • Wants you to stop playing it safe • Believed great things were possible no matter what things are like right now • Was full of grace and truth • Unleashed compassion • Believed no one was too far from God to return to Him • Came to seek and to save that which was lost • Loves the church

Pastor Ray Johnston shares the Jesus of the Bible and how we can be Christians without being jerks. He reveals how the radical message of the gospel calls us to love and serve not only our neighbors but our enemies as well. That’s the Jesus the American Church has missed and needs to meet.

Jesus’ mission is clear—risk everything in order to take care of people, starting in our home, neighborhoods, cities, and those in need around the world. That’s the Jesus the American Church has missed and needs to meet.

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