This Is Awkward by Sammy Rhodes, A Review

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When things get awkward we tend to run. We avoid it at all costs. We do everything possible to keep from being awkward. The problem is that we are all awkward. We all have moments where people will look at us with that “what the heck” face. We can’t avoid it.

Sammy Rhodes has tapped into a truth about awkwardness that is key for life. We are all better when we embrace the awkward. When rather than hiding in a hole we full on bear hug it. Sharing stories from his own life and insecurity, even in writing the book itself, This Is Awkward is exactly that – awkward… and authentic, and brilliant.

awkward rhodes bookRhodes lays open his soul. He lets all of the awkward spill from every paragraph. It’s in this that we truly see him. In his own awkwardness we find authenticity. Through his courage to expose all, we can find the courage to do the same.

This Is Awkward is a uniquely humorous journey into hope.

One of the saddest realities of life is that the things we need to talk about the most, we tend to talk about the least—from bouts with depression to sexual struggles to parent-wounds that never seem to heal. Raise these issues out loud, and wait for the awkward silence. But those awkward moments are precisely where we find connection with God and one another.

In This is Awkward, Sammy Rhodes talks directly, honestly, and hilariously (because sometimes we need to laugh) about the most painfully uncomfortable subjects in our lives. In chapters like “Parents Are a Gift (You Can’t Return Them)” and “D is for Depression,” he boldly goes where most of us fear to tread, revealing that we can be liberated by the embrace of a God who knows the most shameful things about us and loves us all the same. Because nothing is too awkward for God.

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