Habits of Grace: It’s More Than Reading Your Bible

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Habits of Grace Means More Than Reading Your Bible 


We at Brave Daily have been kicking around some ideas of how we read and study the Bible and how we might grow as a community of writers. As a site that interprets life through a Christian lens, we want to make sure that we are applying Scripture to our own life. Some of us manage to stick to a more dedicated reading plan while others seem to meander our way through passages and hope that we remember to at least capture a verse this week. I would imagine that you find yourself in one of these categories or maybe not even close to being on a chart. Regardless of which camp your feet are in at this very moment, it may not always be or have been the case. Our lives are made of seasons and so it makes sense that our spiritual lives would be as well. Throughout each and every spiritual season we should seek to have grace for ourselves and others as we journey through life.

David Mathis has recently released a book that will help every Christian regardless of their maturity level and how well they feel they have progressed in their walk with Christ. In Habits of Grace, Mathis leads us through three main topics. Each of these are dealing with what have often been dubbed a spiritual discipline. While the name can be very off-putting for a lot of people, they are exactly that. They are disciplines. They are something that we need to constantly exercise and something that will provide stability when our lives get chaotic.

The ideas covered by Mathis in Habits of Grace are hearing God’s word, having His ear, and belonging to His body. These three things seem simple, yet they have managed to be a source of frustration for people for hundreds of years. In our society, it is easier than ever to have our ears muffled, our minds wandering, and our attention attracted away from our fellowship within a church.

Though the main points are easy to list, Mathis was kind enough to provide simple ideas and tasks to complete that can help to revitalize a once dead faith. Through ideas such as meditation, journaling, fasting, listening, confession, and many more we are guided by warm words of sincere love to help us along our faith journey. While Mathis emphasizes the need for a Christian to have these disciplines in place in their life, he does not shy away from offering grace for those that have slacked or wandered off the path. When (notice it is when and not if) we fail to display these disciplines, Mathis wants us to know that God has enough grace to continue pushing us forward.

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I believe this book would have been helpful in my own life as I have not seen many spiritual disciplines effectively modeled. I committed my life to Christ at an early age and some sort of guidance would have been helpful instead of the simple command to make sure I read my Bible and prayed every day. There is much more to the Christian life and potential avenues to express our devotion than those two things. Though they are vital, they are not the only means. That is precisely what Mathis wants us to recognize. We can, and should, pursue God in more ways than just those two.

If you are a leader in a church, I would encourage you to check this book out and see if you cannot use it in your discipleship courses. If you are not a leader but instead are seeking a new way to engage with your savior or need help getting started, I would recommend reading this book to invigorate your spiritual life.

May you find yourself entering a season of life through the disciplines where you experience the love of God like never before.

Live It Out

  • Take a notepad and jot down three things you would like to study about God and seek out Bible passages, books, commentaries, and websites that will help you gain wisdom in these areas.
  • Set an alarm on your smart phone right now to sound at the same time every day that will allow you the opportunity to pray or read a passage of Scripture. Consistency is important when developing discipline.
  • Send a quick email or text message to your pastor or small group leader thanking them for their service and asking how you can get more involved.
  • This week when you are given the opportunity to listen to someone tell of a troubling situation they are facing, listen more than you offer advice.

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Official Product Description

Hear his voice. Have his ear. Belong to his body.

Three seemingly unremarkable principles shape and strengthen the Christian life: listening to God’s voice, speaking to him in prayer, and joining together with his people as the church.

Though seemingly normal and routine, the everyday “habits of grace” we cultivate give us access to these God-designed channels through which his love and power flow — including the greatest joy of all: knowing and enjoying Jesus.

Still Deciding?


I highly encourage you to purchase this book from your online retailer so you can take time to let the words sink into your ethos, but if you wish, there is a free PDF download of the book you can obtain by clicking here. Truthfully though, there are sections you will want to mark for future reference and make notes around, so a physical copy will be your best option in my opinion.

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