What’s New in Logos 7? Plus a Free Book!

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If you’re an avid studier of God’s Word, Logos Bible Software is likely a familiar name to you. And their latest software update — Logos 7 — just went live! Read on to learn more, receive an exclusive 15% off, and get a free book just for being affiliated with Brave Daily!

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What began as a resource for studying God’s Word has turned into merely a branch of a variety of resources from sermon presentation builders like Proclaim (ProclaimOnline.com), a digital social community for believers to unite (Faithlife.com), and much more. Alongside Faithlife’s continual pushing of the envelope in all of these areas, they have regularly released updates to what many would call their bread and butter — Logos Bible Software (Logos.com). And I’m excited to have had the opportunity to spend time with Logos 7 before launch … and now sit down and tell you about it before you dig into it for yourself.

It’s not secret that Logos Bible Software has always had three particular types of users. Logos users typically open the program because they’re a Pastor or in leadership, they’re a Scholar or in education, or they’re looking to perform a Bible study.

To help organize some of their most prominent updates in Logos 7, let’s take a look at what their team has done for each of these users. Or you can visit Logos to learn more about the latest version!

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Logos 7 and Pastoral Study

Preaching God’s Word is a high calling.

You need expert tools and resources so you can faithfully communicate biblical truth. From preparation to proclamation, Logos 7 provides the best tools and resources for creating powerful, biblical sermons.

Sermon Editor

Everything for sermon prep, all in one place. Consult resources, take notes, outline your sermon, build your sermon presentation, and even construct handouts right inside Logos.

Custom Homepage Layouts

Customize Logos 7 to open to your favorite sermon prep resources every time you begin your study.

Propositional Flow Outlines

Keep your sermons focused, clear, and solidly based on the Word of God. Propositional flow outlines trace the train of thought in every biblical passage. Now available for both the Old and New Testaments.

Logos Bible Software Logos 7 Pastor

Logos 7 and Scholarly Study

Biblical scholarship is hard, important work.

You need the absolute best tools and resources so you can study with efficiency and advance your field of discipline with expertise.

Custom Homepage and Quickstart Layouts

The all-new customizable Quickstart Layouts launches your preferred workflow in seconds–allowing you to spend more time studying and less time fiddling.

New Sections in the Passage Guide

Make your articles, papers, books, or lectures more comprehensive and reliable with insights from the church’s best theologians.Instantly search systematic theologies, biblical theologies, confessional documents, and scholarly journals.
See every place specific theologians mention the passage you’re studying, and compare doctrinal viewpoints on key passages and topics.

Greek and Hebrew Study

Save time preparing for your next class or lecture. We’ve parsed every word in the Bible, providing pre-built paradigms and charts for you to pass on to your students.

Looking for examples of the Granville Sharp Rule? Search Logos and quickly find examples of grammatical relationships, semantic roles, and other features of the Greek and Hebrew for your paper, journal article, class, or book.

Logos Bible Software Logos 7 Professor

Logos 7 and Bible Study

Bible study is rewarding and exciting.

With the right tools and resources, you can experience more of those Aha!moments that make your Bible study so fulfilling and drive you to share what you’ve learned with others.

Interactives and Media

Fuel your excitement for key biblical passages with interactive features like the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, Miracles ofJesus, Psalms Explorer, An EmptyTomb, and other interactive study experiences.

Visualize the world of the Bible with robust media and interactive tools that make the world of the Bible come alive.


Find exactly what you need, fast. Looking for every place in the Bible where God is worshipped, or everywhere the Apostle Peter speaks? Pinpoint the verses you need in seconds thanks to robust tagging and advanced search features.

Courses Tool

The Courses Tool is now one of the easiest ways to explore the Bible and get the most out of your library. Choose from hundreds of carefully designed learning plans included in the new Courses Tool. Each plan pulls together essential readings, media, and Logos features on key topics. You can even take a seminary-level class with Mobile Ed courses included in our new base packages.

Logos 7 Logos Bible Software Student

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