A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament

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There’s a disturbing trend blowing among the pews of today’s Christian churches. On a large scale we have either forgotten that we are to operate from the foundation of the revelation so carefully reproduced for us in the Bible, or we’ve never known that before. What can reverse this trend? For starters, a basic understanding of the Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation, paradigm would be a helpful place to begin building a sturdy foundation.

How do we reverse this trend?

E9781433533464nter the Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament, a compilation of articles containing faithful exegesis of the entire OT, put together by some of the finest biblical scholars. In seeking those expounding texts from the pulpit, faculty from Reformed Theological Seminary have brought together a volume that is both great to look at and easily digestible. This volume is not unlike other commentaries as it walks through the pages of the Old Testament seeking a thematic framework to being working from. Ultimately this volume is pointing to Christ as the “sum and substance of the biblical message. He is God’s gospel and the theological center for the whole of the Christian Bible.” There are some key differences here which set this work apart, and in my opinion, above the myriad of others.

The ordering of Old Testament books

In an attempt to be as faithful as they could to the original text the authors have considered the arrangement of the books which have come down to us from the Latin translation of the Bible called the Vulgate. “This Latin translation was used in the church prior to the emergence of English Bible translations during the Reformation. The arrangement of the books in the Vulgate may have been adopted from an older Greek translation called the Septuagint, but this is difficult to determine with certainty.” The material is composed of Covenant Prologue (containing Genesis), Law (containing the rest of the Pentateuch), Prophets, and Writings (ending the OT with the book of Chronicles). This layout is logically explained in the volume and will make sense to the reader once the explanation is read as to why that order.

Uncovering Old Testament Hidden Gems

How often do you hear the books of Song of Solomon or Lamentations expounded from the pulpit on Sunday? Chances are you’re more likely to hear a message on how to eat better than you are on these oft overlooked books. In one of my favorite sections of the volume Miles V. Van Pelt does some of his best work. The “Rock Solid and White Hot” message of Song of Solomon uncovers the biblical view of marriage in that “the goodness and joy of marriage and sexuality anticipate the satisfaction, fulfillment, and wholeness of life in the coming kingdom (Song 8:10b). In this way, the wisdom of the Song is not limited to the realities of this fallen world, nor does its instruction apply  only to those who are engaged or married. As wisdom literature, even the Song of Songs can make us ‘wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (2Tim. 3:15b ESV).

In the other gem I found a newfound love for Lamentations, well, because it hits home like few other books. It documents the spread of transgression in many peoples lives, which is why it’s so needed today. “To study Lamentations is to remind us of that which we fight to avoid; the harsh reality, however, is that many in the church suffer a life ravaged and decimated by transgressions-all of which produces only agony and pain…Those who have experienced the loss of loved ones, or the severing of sincere and meaningful relationships, those who have endured a losing battle against physical illnesses and ailments, those who have attempted to live in godly obedience only to face rejection and scorn-in short, anyone who lives on planet earth knows of what I speak: a pain so painful that it cannot be expressed in human words.”[Tweet “Passionate about the Word and its proclamation? These volumes are essential. @DonHaflich @Crossway”]

The authors go on to express that the very reasons for our pain and grief are the very reasons to not overlook the book of Lamentations. It touches our deepest hurts and reveals to us the hope of Christ in this world-that he will wipe every tear and restore every heart which has been broken. We will stand before the throne in unending communion with the Triune God and our momentary pain here on earth will be but a fading memory in comparison to His eternal glory.

Personal Reflections

This volume is incredibly readable. The authors spend more time on the “message and theology” of each book than they do on things like the structure, outline, authorship, etc. Each thread the authors draw from the text are weaved together as one draws a line from Genesis to Revelation. All threads point to Christ as the proclaimed Messiah. Even in books like Ezekiel this thread is drawn together with the rest of the volume. When one gets to the NT side of things it’s as though the commentators are in stride with what came before and the torch is passed in a seamless transition. If you’re passionate about the word of God and the proclamation of His gospel, namely Christ himself, these volumes are essential.

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“For expository preachers and teachers of the Bible, this is truly a gold mine. Present and past members of the Reformed Theological Seminary faculty have produced a volume that is long overdue. Sound biblical-theological treatments of each book of the Old Testament, linked with good historical and literary comments, all conclude by pointing to the fulfillment of the texts in the person and work of Jesus. With this volume, no preacher should ever feel that preaching Christ from the Old Testament is too hard or too speculative.” Graeme Goldsworthy, Former Lecturer in Old Testament, Biblical Theology, and Hermeneutics, Moore Theological College

“For many Christians, the Old Testament is like a thousand pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Where do you start? It helps to look at the box top and see how it all fits together. That’s what these superb teachers of the church do in this insightful book.” Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California; author, Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God’s Story

“In this volume, a number of capable biblical scholars faithfully explore the Old Testament writings with sensitivity and sensibility. They do an admirable job not simply in describing the main themes and theology of each book but also in artfully showing that the Old Testament has a covenantal framework, a kingdom perspective, and Christ at its center. In brief, this is a superb volume, which provides an understandable and informative overview of the Old Testament. A great antidote to an embarrassing ignorance of the Old Testament by Christians.” Michael F. Bird, Lecturer in Theology, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia; author, Evangelical Theology

Foreward J. Ligon Duncan III Preface Acknowledgments Abbreviations Introduction Miles V. Van Pelt

  1. Genesis John D. Currid
  2. Exodus John D. Currid
  3. Leviticus Michael G. McKelvey
  4. Numbers Michael J. Glodo
  5. Deuteronomy John Scott Redd
  6. Joshua Daniel C. Timmer
  7. Judges Michael J. Glodo
  8. 1–2 Samuel Michael G. McKelvey
  9. 1–2 Kings William B. Fullilove
  10. Isaiah Willem A. VanGemeren
  11. Jeremiah Peter Y. Lee
  12. Ezekiel Michael G. McKelvey
  13. The Twelve Daniel C. Timmer
  14. Psalms Mark D. Futato
  15. Job Richard P. Belcher Jr.
  16. Proverbs Willem A. VanGemeren
  17. Ruth John J. Yeo
  18. Song of Songs Miles V. Van Pelt
  19. Ecclesiastes Richard P. Belcher Jr.
  20. Lamentations Peter Y. Lee
  21. Esther Peter Y. Lee
  22. Daniel Richard P. Belcher Jr.
  23. Ezra–Nehemiah Mark D. Futato
  24. 1–2 Chronicles Richard L. Pratt Jr

Appendix A: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9 Richard P. Belcher Jr. Appendix B: The Role of Heavenly Beings in Daniel Richard P. Belcher Jr. Contributors General Index Scripture Index

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Published: May 31, 2016
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