CoSchedule, Going on Three Years Strong

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I cannot believe that we’ve been using CoSchedule for over three years now. While we haven’t been fully leveraging the powers-that-be for the duration of our time together, the toolset and their constant innovation has been serving our team proudly. Instead of repeating the content calendar features that I’ve covered in the past (see below, I’ll add a few URLs), I’m going to focus on what looks to be the biggest and most helpful feature yet — content calendar social templates.

You can dig into the topic in its entirety at CoSchedule’s website (here’s a link specifically to Social Templates). Essentially, you create a framework as to how you’d like to promote new or old content. You set the days and times of posts, establish what topics you’d like to touch on, pick the social channels (from Pinterest and Tumblr to Instagram and everything in between) … and then comes the fun part.

CoSchedule has taught me to tweak our social posts with different messaging. What do I mean? Your audience will click through your content solely on how they’re introduced to it. Are you prompting your followers with questions, to begin thinking about the topic before they even start reading? Or, maybe you’re posting to a longer-form channel like Tumblr or Google+. If so, set your social template up to drop in a long snippet or quote from your blog so your audience can begin the dialogue before landing on your website. I also use social templates to automatically add relevant hashtags, images, Twitter handles, and more throughout my social media campaign.

The following is a VERY insightful walkthrough of CoSchedule’s Social Templates:

There is much, much more to CoSchedule than the Social Templates. I’d encourage you to read through my other posts (below) or just check out their website to learn how you can promote posts, automate workflow, collaborate as a team, review social analytics and much, much more.

Visit CoSchedule’s website to get started for free.

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