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Modern Christian culture has a gift in Bob and Maria Goff and their crazy life. You may have read the book that he penned by the title of Love Does. In the book, Bob introduces his wife Sweet Maria Goff. Now, in her new book, Love Lives Here you get to become more acquainted with her. This book is a deeper dive into their life. It is a collection of snippets of Maria’s life as a wife, mother, and daughter of God.

Where Does Love Live?

These stories inspire us to make our lives a place where love lives regardless of where we find ourselves. Our geographical position or the season of life that we are in right now do not matter. My life looks normal compared to the Goff’s. Maria never talks down to me despite that fact. I have been inspired to create my own adventures instead of simply copying the Goff family. I must live life rather than letting it live me.

love lives here book maria and bob goffMy daughter is slowly inching towards her first birthday. Due to this my soul resonated with the ink of chapter fifteen entitled “Let Love Set The Table.” Our house has slowly entered into chaos with toys everywhere and my book collection being pulled off the bottom shelves. I have engrained the words Maria wrote in my brain as a daily reminder. She writes on 172, “Hospitality is always a matter of the heart; it’s not the condition of our homes.” No matter how disheveled the house may be on a Friday afternoon when we are expecting friends to gather soon, I need a reminder to check my heart. My heart must see life properly. I can still show hospitality regardless of the condition of my home. After all, it is only this way for a season, but while it is, it must be a place where love lives.

Where To Go From Here?

The book focuses on more than just the physical home. The focal point is the experiences of life. We must find the ability to live a life where we create space in our relationships where love can live. The reader will feel loved and encouraged to love others wherever they are today.

Brave Daily was honored to be on the launch team for the book. As such we received a review copy. But it does not interfere with our endorsement of it. Get this book, so in the end we can say “Love Lives Here”.

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Love Lives Here Official Description

This is a book about discovering what we really need.
There are a lot of second-best options, but we weren’t made to live a second-best life. Finding what we actually need is different than what we are often offered. There are many books full of opinions, steps and programs. This isn’t one of them. This is about craving the things that matter. Things that don’t just work, but last.
In a life that may seem to be all fun and games with an endless supply of balloons, author Maria Goff shows how this life is also lived with intentionality, passionate purpose, and a little planning—all of which make a life rich in legacy. But she had to figure out the help she needed first in order to live the beautiful life God wanted for her and wants for us.
Love Lives Here is a collection of stories that include the ways Maria and her husband, Bob, navigated family their way, without clear instructions or a road map. It’s about what they learned to make their lives meaningful and whimsical and how they created a space for their family to grow together while they reached outward.
“What a gift to read Love Lives Here and find within it a friend who is as authentic and inviting as Maria Goff. Through her earnest telling of the stories of her life, she provides greater meaning to all our lives. We were thrilled to read this book.”
Donald Miller (bestselling author of Blue Like Jazz and Scary Close) with Betsy Miller
“Grace is a contagious force we all crave and Maria contains so much grace it floods you from just a short time with her. May these pages overwhelm you with God’s love, and hope that Maria knows so well.”
Jennie Allen, Founder of IF: Gathering and Author of Nothing to Prove
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