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What’s New in Logos 8?

There’s so much packed into the brand new Logos Bible Software platform, Logos 8. From the completely redesigned homepage to new guides, workflows, updated notes, and the incredibly helpful canvas interface, it’s everything that you’ve grown to love from Logos Bible Software, but with brand new and remarkably helpful features. Get a quick overview of what’s new here before jumping over to make the upgrade today.


A Central Dashboard for Studying the Bible
The new Home Page gives you a single place to launch reading plans, video courses, or books and tools you use every day. Just drag, drop, or delete to organize.

Logos 8 Home Page

Redesigned Logos 8 Home Page

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Step-by-Step Bible Study Instructions
Choose the type of study you want to do—like basic Bible study or sermon prep—and Logos 8 walks you through each step, linking you to the right books and tools along the way. Edit any workflow to include just the steps you need.

Logos 8 Workflows

New Logos 8 Workflows

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New Ways to Capture and Share Life-Changing Insights


An Easy, Eye-Opening Way to Explore Theology
Look up any theological topic and get a quick summary written by experts. Then explore related concepts with a few clicks. Studying Genesis 3? Look up “original sin” to see how history’s greatest theologians and traditions have understood the doctrine.

Logos 8 Theology Guide

Logos 8 Theology Guide

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The New Notes: Stay Organized, Find Anything
Find any note in a snap, capture related research in Notebooks, and search it all, fast. It’s all the power of a stand-alone note app, built right into Logos 8.

Logos 8 Notes

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An Intuitive New Way to Work the Text
Circle. Highlight. Underline. Make connections. You can even rearrange a passage to show logic and emphasis. Then, share your creation in just a few clicks.

Logos 8 Canvas

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Customize Any Guide to Fit Your Study
Already know the Logos tools you need? Add or delete sections from the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study Guide, and all the rest. Or launch a single section as a stand-alone guide.

Logos 8 Custom Guides

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Simple and Easy Library Organization
New filters make it easy to find what you need in a few clicks. Filter by every book on the Gospel of John, narrow to Reformed writers, and add more filters to pinpoint just what you need.

Logos 8 Library

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Ready to upgrade? Upgrade and get started now.

Want to see more of what’s new in Logos 8? There’s much more, take a look here:

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