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Brave Daily exists to keep believers updated on what Christian books are hitting the shelves – and what should be on your own shelves. We use book reviews, blogs, and interviews to survey Christian media, always connecting it to life as a believer so that you can be both educated and encouraged. We also have direct access to publishers, so we get the inside scoop on what is being published.

Consider Becoming a Partner

We just recently launched our support page over at Patreon. In short, we have big plans for the next phase of Brave Daily and we cannot – simply cannot – do it alone. You can skip all of what’s below and jump hop over there now if you’d like.

Cut to the Chase, what does Brave Daily need help with?

Honestly, we set a $1 tier because the cost to keep the lights on isn’t much. Yeah, we have some dreams of venturing into new avenues like a podcast or video blogs (read on for that), but we’ve got to take care of the foundations before we start building additions to our house.

Build the Foundations: We’re going to pay for the basics. It costs to have a domain ( and to make your website live on the internet. That’s basically it!

Build the House: There are additional costs associated with software tools that we use or would like to again be able to use – tools like,,, WordPress improvements, and more. We will also be investing time cleaning up the content already on our website, specifically with making the content that we have more relevant and usable.

Invite People Over: Now that we’ve got our new online “home” cleaned up, we can really start getting the word out and inviting people to see what we have for them. Our mission is to talk about Christian books, together. That includes concepts like revamping the tradition book clubs but in a digital space (including online discussions with authors themselves!), and then using funds that we’ve raised to launch paid ads to invite more readers on board.

And what do I get for supporting Brave Daily?

  • Most importantly, you are helping our service to leaders and lay people reach worldwide. No matter one’s role, from volunteer teachers to lead pastors, it is important to have a source like Brave Daily to guide in picking the right book. Our blogs and media reviews are designed to equip Christian leaders and thinkers.
  • All supporters will receive a gift as our way of saying THANK YOU. From stickers to mugs to T-Shirts and more, we want to ensure that you represent our ministry both online and offline, so we’re going to make sure you get swag.
  • All supporters receive exclusive monthly updates. Tune in to hear about new services (i.e., podcast, video) and big initiatives way before anybody else. Because you are the ones making it happen for everybody else.
  • As a bonus, some tiers have the option to submit topics or books for us to write about. In that case, you not only keep the lights on but also help to direct our content!

Consider Being a Part of Brave Daily’s Story

If we’ve been a part of your story in any way, we’re asking you to consider being a part of ours going forward. Bave Daily has leveraged a number of online outlets. Our primary outlets are our website ( and our growing social media channels (like TwitterInstagram, and Facebook). Thanks to those mediums, plus the large Facebook Groups that we own (Free BooksLogos Tips & Tricks, and Logos News & Sales), the number of individuals reached each month continues to grow by 100+ a week. We are in a unique place online in which we can equip, educate, and encourage Christians readers around the globe. Visit our Patreon to join us as we step into the next chapter.

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