CoSchedule Effectively Saves Countless Marketing Hours

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

You know those lifehacks that completely change your life? Like, how great do you feel when you get the coffee going right before you jump in your morning shower? There are certain things that just make life easier, and who said multitasking isn’t good for you must have never met CoSchedule. With this tool, you can knock out waves of marketing production work at the same time as you’re writing your blog post – while collaborating with your entire team.

We use CoSchedule pretty religiously early on in our journey. We used it primarily to schedule social media posts and keep track of what our high-level marketing calendar looks like. Those years have long since come and gone, and CoSchedule has really outdone itself as of late.

Sometimes it is just easier to explain by telling you what I mean… Imagine writing and optimizing a blog post in the same pane as you’re building out a social media campaign and writing your e-mail newsletter, all from templates (I really, really like templates)! Marketing campaigns are what CoSchedule is all about anymore because there’s more to marketing than scheduling a post or two. You can essentially build out fill-in-the-blank marketing campaigns right from your WordPress blog post; all on one page, all accessible by your entire team, together.

And, seriously, what’s all this work worth if it can’t be appropriately measured for growth? Stop downloading reports from individual platforms or multiple third-party tools and instead review your social strategy with unique reports for every social platform. Evaluate the success of your social campaigns on every social network.

I mean, that’s what CoSchedule is all about and that’s why Brave Daily has depended on it for years now.

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