Dude’s Guide to Marriage

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The Dudes Guide To Marriage is my sort of marriage book. I am not an expert on marriage. In fact, I don’t think such a thing exists, but I am finally passed the newlywed stage. People are no longer asking how married life is treating me and I consider that a good indication that I must be doing something right.

This is not my first book by Darrin Patrick and I am glad that he asked his wife to have a part in this book. While it is maybe uncommon, it’s a good move. We all need to hear the other perspective on the story.

The book has ten principles that the Patrick’s believe will help every man to have a happier marriage. While the chapters are short and simple, do not rush through them. Instead, allow ample time to reflect on the thoughts contained there. I am sure that the chapters were short to keep the attention of the male reader. If you are feeling even more adventurous, consider asking your wife to read the book with you and help you to become a better husband.

If you know a husband who needs some work, get him this book. This will probably become required reading in future pre-marital counseling for future grooms. It is simply that good.

While I would argue that this book and any book will not guarantee the success of any marriage, this one will definitely help keep that marriage moving strongly.

Official Book Description

“I am a well-loved wife.” Is this something your wife would say?

Here’s your guide to making those words a reality in your marriage.

What do women want? This question has stumped the greatest male minds for centuries. Of course, if you’re married, a much better question is, “What does your wife want?”

As Darrin and Amie Patrick reveal in this profoundly practical and transformational book, God designed your wife to want—to need—to be loved. And that design is an invitation for you to love her deeply, intentionally and passionately.

Practicing ten powerful actions—including listening, pursuing, and serving—will transform you into your wife’s lifelong champion and have her nominating you for the Husband Hall of Fame.

The Dude’s Guide to Marriage is for guys who want to grow, who want clear steps to improving their marriage. It’s for men who want a marriage that thrives rather than just survives.

Grab this guide, and get ready to be a better husband by becoming a better man.

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