There Are Good Things All Around

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God’s favor is a difficult concept to describe. Some people see it as something that is magical and only happens on a rare occasion. Kevin Gerald set out in his book Good Things to change that idea. Could it be that favor is found all around us?

So often we see favor as something that has to be either earned or begged down from Heaven. The idea that we somehow earn God’s favor goes against Scripture as we know that there is nothing that we can do to earn God’s love. The thought that if we prayed enough that God would somehow hear us doesn’t quite match up with Scripture either. Instead, as Gerald proposes, we need a new way of looking at this favor.

It is sort of like asking God to reveal Himself to us. Maybe instead of asking Him to somehow become tangible and a magnificent presence in our life, we need to simply see Him in the life around us. This is the same concept that Gerald is teaching through this book. God’s favor has been evident in my life today because I managed to wake up, put two feet on the floor, and take a step. To simply manage to wake up is enough to ensure that I have seen God’s favor.

In our human nature, we manage to make favor more mystical than it is. Rather than begging God to show His favor, we should take sight of where it is already present in our life.

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