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1:1 Personal Coaching

Sit with an expert — virtually — and learn how to make the most of your own Logos Bible Software library.
Sorting through endless lists of tutorial videos and reading instructional articles take so much time! Not only that, but they’re not personalized to your library or learning speed. Our team has created a simple, streamlined approach to offer 1:1 coaching sessions using your own library.

One-on-one personalized Logos Bible Software coaching is simple.


Book a time that works

Our coaches are available around the clock, and around the world! 

Let us get to know you

You’ll fill out a survey to help us get to know you and your library.

Meet for coaching

Walk through training in your own Logos library over a video call.
“Thank you so much to the amazing coaches. The most patient down to earth and willing coaches to teach you exactly what you need to use Logos Bible Software. Does not matter your experience level, they are willing to assist. The coaches truly have the heart to see that all people must grow in their faith, and they are guiding you in the direction that will suit you best. Thank you, Logos Daily team! You are outstanding!” 
Jean R.

Lay Person

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Our team of experts here at Logos Bible Software have background in all sorts of use cases when it comes to Logos Bible Software. Whether you’re a pastor preparing for sermons weekly, seminary student wanting to write an in-depth exegesis paper, or a small group leader looking for a better practical takeaways from Scripture, we’re here to help you with using Logos.

Not ready for coaching? Join our community of Logos users

These resources and online communities are completely free Logos Bible Software training resources.

With so much to learn, why not work together to help one another out? From book reviews to author interviews, we’re always exploring what’s new with Logos Bible Software and Christian resources.


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